About Us


A cross section of NAC team members at an outreach event.

NAC was initially founded after youth groups of the districts of Arua, Nebbi, Pakwach, Abim and Gulu formerly beneficiaries of Active Citizen Program funded by British Council and Young at Heart Project funded by Oxfam came together to amplify the legacy the two projects had created in their communities to benefit other youth in Uganda and Globally. “When the two projects ended we decided to establish ourselves as a network and utilize the knowledge we gained” noted Youth a group leader from Abim; hence the formation of NAC.

NAC has since evolved to an Indigenous National, Not for Profit, Community-Driven Development and advocacy organization working with citizens and community-based organizations to amplify their voices to influence local, national governance and development processes. We exist to influence pro-development programs, policies, empower citizens to peacefully co-exist and work towards sustainable development of their communities.

NAC works with communities to enhance a community led social development approach to influence pro-development programs and policies, build capacities of citizens in the communities for positive transformation among vulnerable communities and social enterprise development as a sustainability strategy for socio economic well-being of poor and marginalized women and youth.