Climate Smart Social Enterprises (CSSE)

We develop, engage and support innovative young people to identify community challenges with specific attention to environment and deliver solutions through social enterprises that create jobs and wealth among the young people. We skill young people in undertaking urban farming using an innovative model of utilizing plastic waste materials among other waste materials as vertical garden planters which are more suitable for greater production on a very small space or piece of land in an urban setting.  

NAC is currently implementing Ghetto Go Green Project, engaging young people in ghetto communities of Katwe, Kyebando and Kinawataka to take actions towards making their communities resilient to climate change effects. Through this initiative, we are skilling young people in the project ghetto communities to undertake urban farming using innovative and cost effective methods such as use of plastic wastes as gardening materials & solid wastes as composts, vetical gardening system for increased production or yields on a small piece of land or space, could be on the backyard, front yard or rooftop.