Governance, Advocacy, Accountability, and Performance (GAAP) of local government.

This component focuses on attracting, strengthening, and sustaining youth and youth leaders in the governance and decision-making process that shape and influence the national and local agenda. Every country is governed through constitutions, policies, programs, and strategies right from national up to grass root. Through this NAC has been part of shaping, influencing, and popularising government policies and programs such as the National Youth Policy, Local government Act, National Youth Council Act, National Strategy for Youth Engagement in Agriculture, Climate change Policy, Parish Development Model, and Youth Livelihood Program. Under this component, we are implementing different concepts, therefore  (a) School of Local Governance, Budget Advocacy, and Accountability - SLOGBAA(b) Community Youth Parliament - CYP, (c) Youth Go Budget - YGB Mobile App, (d) Green Civic Spaces.