SLOGBAA Learning Platform

Spreading the SDGs awareness in Katwe Slum, Kampala through the Ghetto Voice Platform.

We groom and equip young leaders with knowledge and skills to effectively participate in governance and development processes in Uganda as well as provide transformative leadership as agents of positive change and undertake evidence based budget advocacy to influence government resource allocations (budgets) that are pro-people and meet their real needs.  

In partnership with Uganda Youth Network (UYONET) through Youth Igniting Change funded by OXFAM, NIYETU Youth Programme funded by Plan International and Amplifying voices of young people for effective participation in an accountable youth movement and democratic political processes, we have trained 200+ young people in the districts of Kampala, Tororo, Alebtong, Arua, Gulu, Kumi, and Kamuli to undertake effective evidence-based budget advocacy and provide transformative leadership in their respective districts.