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Module I: Active Citizenship

Active Citizenship is the introductory module under SLOGBAA. This module is based on the globally successful program that was founded by British Council in 2000 has so far been implemented in over 55 countries .../Read More.!

Module III: Understanding the Local Government Budgeting Process

This sub module is designed to offer young people the knowledge, skills and opportunities to understand how financial resources are allocated at the local government level. It is a sub module for educating and .../Read More.!

Module II: Understanding the Local Governance

This sub module is designed based on the Local Governments Act, 1997 and in particular section 36 that establishes a district local government as a planning authority. Fellows will be practically enabled to .../Read More.!

Module IV: Advocacy and Accountability

Social accountability refers to ‘‘actions initiated by citizen groups to hold public officials, politicians, and service providers to account for their conduct and performance in terms of delivering services, .../Read More.!

News Updates

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