STOP IT! LITTERING IS BAD/ILLEGAL. Story by, Bbaale Drake Thomas

a picture of a young man whom I pictured throwing a plastic bottle on the road

It may come as a surprise to many people that it is actually very wrong to litter or dump on the streets or by the road respectively.The practice is very common in most parts of the country but specifically in urban areas,taking examples of people who throw plastic bottles,peels and more others through their car windows or some dump when they are walking on the streets in their respective areas. 

The littering by one person after the others consequently leads to first and foremost an unhealthy city which portrays low standards of living for urban dwellers, the environment effect bit is worse as the littered/dumped material which are most times non-biodegradable only find their way into water ways,streams and large water bodies like rivers and lakes which in result leads to flooding whenever it rains.The litters always client water ways leading to floods,also such materials such as plastics and metals become a threat to living species in water bodies. 

Despite all that, most people don't know that it is not only morally wrong but illegal as stated in the "KCCA ORDINANCE OF 2000" under the "THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT(KCC) (SOLID MANAGEMENT ORDINANCE),STATUTORY INSTRUMENT 243-21,PART 2 ON PLACEMENT OF WASTE,Section 5 (1)" which clearly states that, "No person shall place,deposit or allow any solid waste to be placed or deposited on his/her premises or on private property,on a lake,pond,canal,park,gulch,ravine or excavation, or other place where it may be or become a public health nuisance" To which even when acted against there is penalty to it as on "section 39 of Penalties" which states that,

"One offender faces under the ordinance is liable to conviction,to a fine not exceeding two currency points or to a term of imprisonment  not exceeding six months." 

It is on this note that the masses should be aware not to be held captive due to bleach of law.And they should not that it's not only unhealthy for the city due to littering but also has adverse environmental implications such as flooding.

Story by, Bbaale Drake Thomas

Community Journalist