Youth Climate Resilience


Uganda’s young people are the most affected by extreme climate events. Across the country, they lack assets and access to financial resources limiting their capacity to cope and recover from climate shocks. Unfortunately, they are the least represented in making climate decisions at local and national levels. Consequently, climate policies and action can't inclusively and adequately meet the specific needs of young people to increase their adaptive and resilience capacity. It remains imperative to involve and empower young people to be at the forefront of climate negotiations and policy formulation and drive climate action to attain better and inclusive climate adaptation and resilience as well as economic stability in Uganda.  


  1. Enhance youth capacity to understand climate change and lead climate actions.
  2. Propel youth-led sustainable, resilient, and regenerative farming in Uganda’s most climate-impacted communities.   
  3. Support climate-smart social entrepreneurship in vulnerable communities of Uganda.
  4. Establish and maintain attractive, accessible, innovative, and creative public green spaces.  
  5. Engage young people in multilevel climate policy negotiations and development processes.     
  6. Foster youth effective engagement in the cooperative movement for wealth and job creation.  
  7. Engage young people in climate information outreach activities to champion climate change agenda and call for climate action.