Youth Organizing and Strengthening


Despite playing an important role in the development of young people and their communities, too often, youth organizations lack sustained funding, struggle to attract and retain talent and face a regulatory environment. These challenges hinder their organizational growth and create obstacles to enhancing motivation in young people to involve themselves in the civil society space. Therefore, we will focus on building a network of youth organizations within the youth sector to connect, align efforts, and share resources to drive collective action to transform the lives of young people in Uganda.


  1. Proactively link youth-led and focused community-based organizations to each other, development partners, and other relevant stakeholders.  
  2. Host and facilitate networking events to enable peer-to-peer support, and enhance interactivity and learning opportunities.
  3. Establish and sustain Youth CSO Villas across the regions to host small and growing youth organizations.
  4. Facilitate collaboration among youth-led and focused organizations on specific issues, themes, and sectors.
  5. Establish and sustain an innovative funding mechanism for youth-led organizations to advance the well-being of young people in underserved communities of Uganda.
  6. Proactively recruit youth-led organizations across the regions of Uganda to become members of the network.
  7. Propel global exchange for cross-learning and experience sharing among young people to champion development agenda.