Change starts with yourself - Melisa Namujju Brenda

Melisa Namujju Brenda, 23 years, lives in the Kampala K-zone, Kyebbando and have both the experience of kholera and how basic tasks are added a dash of struggle caused by her area of living. Besides working as an educated accountant she is one of the 30 community Journalist team engaged in the #GhettoGoGreen Project.  She is eager to be part of improving the space of living, starting in the areas she knows like home:

“I believe that change is not something that you can wait for. Everybody holds the potential of taking control of his or her own life, but for some people the everyday holds just to many struggles. I feel im living a gifted life and therefore holds a responsibility to do what I can.”

Melissa grew up in Eastern Uganda, where her family was able to grow food in the garden. But the life in Kampala showed the contrast to the country side and she realized the gift of growing up and living close to trees and eatable plants.

“At the K-zone the trees are chopped down and the soil is to full with plastic to grow anything consistently. My dream is to be part of project where my community takes action and creates green spaces so my and coming generations can experience how living plants contributes to wellbeing.”