How Tusubira is living off his urban garden By Nasifu M. Abdallah

Tusubira making organic manure for his garden

Dropping out of school after completing Senior Six did have a dent on Nicholas Tusuubira. However, he fully knew that it was up to him to seek alternative sources of livelihood, in order to have a life. As such, Tusubira took advantage of an agriprenuership boot comp that was held in his locality of Kitintale, a Kampala suburb.  

The bootcamp was organised by CIVACT, a community-based organisation, in partnership with the Network for Active Citizens, a community-driven development and advocacy organisation. At the boot camp, the participants were skilled in how to practice climate-smart agriculture, especially in an urban setting where there is hardly any free land. Tusubira also learnt how to make organic fertilisers, as well as organic manure.

The 25-year-old was lucky to acquire some piece of land near his house, where he set up his garden. He set up 50 planters that are currently holding 400 plants, he says. From the garden, he says he is able to get at least sh20,000 per week from selling the vegetables.

By Nasifu M. Abdallah 

Community Journalist