Involve Local People in Climate Change Strategies

Using plastic bricks for construction

Plastic Bricks

From the Millenium Development Goals to the current Sustainable Development Goals, there is evidence that global leaders have been pishing for attention on the issue of climate change. The UN too, through its development agency, the United Nations Development Programme, is giving the issue of climate change attention for instance through the promotion of climate resilient agriculture. 

Non-governmental organizations and community based organizations are also actively involved in pushing for activities to combat climate change. The challenge, I have though is that it seems the results are not commensurate to the efforts being put in.

Some people argue that the people at the grassroots are not being involved as much as they ought to be. If more involvement is achieved, may be we shall register more successes. There should be initiatives which are also beneficial in the short term, to the people in the grassroots. 

For instance, if people are mobilised to use plastics in construction, they will be saving on buying bricks, but also saving the environment. Some people dispose plastic minera and soda bottles into water channels which then cause blockages. 

However, if the plastics are being re-used for construction, the demand for them will be high that will stop disposing of them into water channels. 

Drake Bbaale, Kyebando-Kampala.