Kabuo in effort to rid Katwe of plastics By Nakandi Mastula

Kabuo Rose with the plastic bottles that she collected in Katwe

Kabuo Rose with the plastic bottles that she collected in Katwe

Kabuo Rose saw a challenge in her community and she offered to be the solution. The plastics that were littered in Tawo zone, Katwe, a Kampala suburb, were the challenge. The solution she offered was to be the collector of the plastics, so she can sell to whoever needed them for purposes of recycling.  

For some of the clean plastic bottles, she sells them to people who sell refreshment, so they can recycle them for their business. For the rest of the bottles, Kabuo takes to plastic waste collection points, where she is paid for the waste.

It is not uncommon to find plastic waste dumped in trenches, by the roadside or on rooftops. Studies estimate that an average of 1,500 tonnes of plastic waste are generated daily in Uganda with only 500 tonnes properly managed, which indicates a collection efficiency of only 30%. This implies that most of the waste generated is not safely recycled and, therefore, goes into the environment.

Kabuo’s intervention is timely, given that oftentimes, people in the community dispose of the plastics into the environment, causing pollution to the soil. Plastics reduce the level of fertility of the soil since they do not decompose easily. Some of the plastics take hundreds of years to decompose.

Kabuo says by collecting the plastic waste, she has inspired more youth in the suburb to earn a living while saving the environment of the choke.

By Nakandi Mastula

Community Journalist