Kirombe’s unending floods a nightmare to residents By Hope Mutesi

Flood waters in Kirombe

Manyattta is a zone in Kirombe, a Kampala suburb. Residents famously know the area as where flooding never ceases. No matter the amount of the rain, the area always floods. Kasule Amir is one of the residents in Manyatta who have shouldered the inconvenience that floods come with. Kasule says the house he lives in is always in a swampy neighbourhood. We reside in such an area that is prone to floods not because we want, but because the rentals whose fees we can afford are not that many," the 26-year-old Kasule says. He notes that Manyatta was initially a swampy area, but that it was reclaimed for human settlement, explaining the unending floods in the area. The already bad situation is exacerbated by the fact that many people in the area dump garbage into water channels, leading to silting. What is supposed to be run-off, instead turns into floods, to cause untold suffering to the residents.
For instance, Kasule says mosquitoes have turned the pools of water into breeding grounds. The floods also cause soil erosion, carrying away top soil, which renders the farmlands unproductive for plant
growth. To reduce the amount of flooding in the area, widening of water channels and installing culverts at some of the points on the roads would ease the situation.

Astory  by Hope Mutesi 

Community Journalist