dumping grounds

dumping grounds

The question of ''How to curb poor waste disposal'' has remained unanswered by both the city officials and the residents of the city suburbs'

According to an abstract got from ''WWW.TANDFONLINE.COM'' in their publication called ''THE AIR AND WASTE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION.VOL.64 ISSUE 3., 2014'', research indicated that over 28000 tonnes of garbage are collected around Kampala District despite the fact that the figure only accounts for only 40% of total waste generated in the capital city.This automatically shows that the authorities are not able to collect total waste generated hence leaving it concetrated in the local communities causing health and environmental problems.


It is for such reasons that residents in the ghetto community of Kyebando are resorting to roadside dumping.

In an exclusive interview with one ''Stuart Kayiwa''[declined taking his pictures] i found dumping by the roadside, a resident in Ssekati zone, he said that they[residents] are left with no option but to dump by the roadside from which the city council vehicles can collect such waste. He attributes the dumping to the weakness and failure by waste collectors to go into the communities to collect it.

However he advised all stakeholders to take necessary measures to avert the situation or otherwise we are likely to have the dirtiest and unhealthy city due to roadside dumping.

by Bbaale Drake Thomase.

Community Journalist