Sharing the gift of nature through social entrepreneurship

Kato Charles

Kato Charles earns his money on walking water around the K-zone

Life in the K-zones, as the Kampala lowland slums are named, is filled with struggle for security, health and possibilities. Though, in the unmanageable life in the ghetto progression and activism finds its way and can transform the city spaces and humans living there. By taking a closer look you will see inhabitants in the K-zones are connecting and creating possibilities for the dreams of a good life.

Kato Charles,23, who earns his money on walking water around the K-zone, but dreams about trees and a environment with clean water. Community journalists take active part of the K-zone communities and through this access endorse the dreams and initiatives through listening and creating stories that can be shared through different media platforms.

“It’s all about being a part of the community, listening to the stories that makes up the lives here. Every person holds a uniqe story and a dream, sometimes it just takes a bit of conversation to see reveal it. My next story will be about the joy of walking instead of driving cars and bodas, (motorcycle taxis). Every aspect of life holds the opportunity to live.” says Melisa, a community journalist.

The work of community journalist lead by Network For Active Citizens Uganda, is a key element in the Dreamtown project GhettoGoGreen. The project is engaging youth in taking part in developing new ideas for more sustainable and loveable livingspaces. The groups of community journalist are documenting and communicating their stories and the transformations in the K-zones.