Ssengendo’s urban farm is a beauty to behold, but that’s not the only benefit she reaps By Hope Mutesi

Ssengendo’s urban farm in Kirombe, Kampala

Ssengendo’s urban farm in Kirombe, Kampala

Madinah Ssengendo is a resident of Kirombe in Nakawa, Kampala. Ssengendo is among the people practising urban farming in Kampala. She had almost no space at her home, but that did not matter to Ssengendo. With urban farming, there are always endless opportunities for where to practice it, and Ssengendo just proved that.

The 52-year-old urban farmer erected shelves on her wall fence and it is where she sat plastic bags which she has turned into gardens. In the plastic bags, Ssengendo grows vegetables, such as spinach, onions and Sukuma wiki.

Ssengendo says urban farming is one of the best decisions she has made for her family, seeing the benefits she has reaped from the venture. The urban garden has not only supplemented her family’s diet with vegetables and fruits, but also helped her earn some income when she sells her harvest.

There is no doubt that the energy Ssengendo expends in tending to her urban garden is a good form of exercise for her 52-yearold body, hence the garden promotes health and wellness.

Urban farming is also considered a poverty eradication plan because it improves food production in an environmentally friendly manner, which is also cost-effective and energy-saving in order to ensure self-reliant urban communities.

With Ssengendo’s urban farm, she has been able to create green spaces that not only add beauty to her home but also fix carbon through the process of photosynthesis.


By Hope Mutesi

Community Journalist