Volunteer Placement

Sunday, December 31, 2023 - 16:00

Network for Active Citizens-NAC  has Volunteer placement in Uganda.

We are open to receiving volunteers from all over the world to engage in different community and organisational activities. some of our activities  are related to 

(a) Climate Smart Agriculture: NAC has 7 community urban gardens where our volunteers work with communities to set up community gardens, participate community markets,Participate in climate smart agriculture awareness caravans etc.

(b) Organisational strengthening and Mentorship: NAC supports 70 youth led and women led young organisations therefore volunteers are able to support organisational strengthening by reviewing the member  organisational policies,participate in the  development of the  strategic plan, participate in the Civil Society Strengthening Academy sessions, participate in proposal writing/fundraising and engage in the quarterly CSO markets .

(c) Communication for Development: NAC has a team of 10 community Journalists who are generally grass root news reporters. these using simple gadgets like smart phones develop community grounded stories that range from stories of change, stories of influence and call to action stories on different issues such as community health, community youth innovations, climate justice etc. therefore volunteers can participate in collecting stories with our community Journalists and also can participate editing video and written stories.